Defining Maskne

Acne, irritation and inflammation from mask use

Maskne is exactly what it sounds like: The acne and irritation caused from regular mask use.

It used to be a concern of just healthcare workers, but the global demand for daily mask use has resulted in countless maskne cases and distressed patients from this unfortunate Covid trend.

In a nutshell, it can be said that maskne is simply a result of the constant rubbing of a mask against our skin, which results in micro-tears that allow for the easier penetration of bacteria and dirt that clog up pores and lead to skin inflammations, infections, irritation and acne. A second field of concern is that masks can cause breakouts and inflammations due to the moisture trapped underneath them from prolonged wear, which allows for the overgrowth of microorganisms on the skin.

Maskne however does not limit itself to just skin conditions as it can also lead to chapped lips and stinging, red or dry eyes. All the above points are typically caused from a restriction of airflow when breathing in your mask but can be easily treated by wearing a more appropriate mask with a moldable nose bridge as well as the regular use of lubricating eye drops throughout the day.


Keep the mask, get rid of the maskne.