The holy grail of tips to prevent maskne

Yes, masks are life savers when it comes to reducing the spread of coronavirus, however their side effects are pretty harsh on your skin as they raise a plethora of concerns ranging from acne and rashes to inflammations and itchiness.

In order to prevent any of the above aforementioned points from arising we recommend the following prevention tips:



1. Cleanse & Moisturize

The A-Z of healthy skin starts from proper cleansing and regular hydration. Opt for a mild, fragrance-free cleanser to be used on a daily basis immediately followed by a moisturizer that will add a protective layer to the skin. As a bonus tip, make sure you use a moisturizer whose formula is geared for your skin type: oily skin, normal/combination skin, or dry skin.


2. Avoid Makeup

Half your face is already covered so there’s really no need for you to layer up on makeup that will only further enhance the problem at hand. If makeup is a must, opt for non-comedogenic products that will allow pores to breath.


3. Protect Your Lips

Dry and chapped lips are common maskne concerns and the easiest way to prevent them is via the application of petroleum jelly 3 times a day; after face cleanse, prior to mask use and before going to bed. As a bonus tip, make sure you only apply the petroleum jelly to your lips as it may trigger further breakouts when applied to the rest of the face.


4. Wear The Right Mask

It may seem obvious to some, but wearing an appropriate mask will make all the difference. Opt for a mask that has at least two layers of breathable fabric such as cotton,with a comfortable fit. Allthese factors are critical as the mask is in direct contact with your skin and may cause irritation if any of the aforementioned points are not in sync.


5. Wash Your Mask

This refers to cloth masks only. The latest recommendation from health organizations is to wash your mask after every use. This can easily be done by hand, and it can make a huge difference on your maskne. By washing your mask you will remove oils and skin cells that build up inside the mask that lead to the development of certain skin problems.


6. Take Regular Breaks

Remove your mask every 4 hours for 15-minute breaks, only when it is safe to do so.



Keep the mask, get rid of the maskne.