The discovery that spares skin from maskne. Keep the mask, get rid of the maskne.


Only a few months ago when masks became a must, did the world discover maskne - the condition of breakouts and skin
issues that develop from regular mask use. But, while many were suffering from maskne, a special few were not. 

We discovered that people using the Dr. Age products were spared as their skin stayed untouched and untroubled.

Upon further research, we found that the combination of Dr. Age ingredients present protect against irritation and help maintain
the perfect environment for clear and healthy skin.



BEFORE: Microlift Face Cream


Prior to mask application, apply the Dr. Age Microlift Face Cream to clean skin whose key ingredients target fine lines, wrinkles, lost elasticity and firmness whilst enhancing skin texture and tone thus creating an ideal protective canvas for the face.



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DURING: Hyaluronic Acid H2O Facial Spray



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AFTER: Post Treatment Recovery Mask


After a long day of mask use, the best way to pamper your skin is with the Dr. Age Post Treatment Recovery Mask. With key ingredients that target maskne, dehydration and irritation, the benefits are instant moisturization with immediate calming effects and a youthful radiance.



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